aceite de oliva virgen extra cornicabra

We were awarded by The Great Taste with 1-star award!

We were awarded by The Great Taste with 1-star award!

A few months ago, during one of our weekly walks, Alberto and I were discussing about how to be recognised positively on the Internet. How to make people know that you have a good product. We thought straight away onto two different ways.

  • People´s Reviews
  • Influencer marketing

We thought about Amazon and how their reviews make people do the last step and buying a product.

As well, I told him the story of a friend who knows a really big influencer in Spain, this friend asked the influencer if she could promote her clothes company. The influencer answered her, saying that if she promotes her, she would have problems since she wouldn´t have enough stock to afford the promotion and told her to wait a bit. Such a problem...


And we ended up discussing what about the experts? How they show their opinion about the products, we talk about some techy websites which analyse products but… what about groceries? We did not know any website which reviews food and gives their opinion.

In that point is when we started speaking about the food prizes since a few products on Amazon had these prizes. After reaching home, I started looking for prizes which could help us in that recognition. And it is when we found Great Taste.


An international prize where you can receive either 1, 2 or 3 stars and we decided to give it a try, again, we knew how good was our product for us and we, at this point, know that people like it, but… How good was our Olive Oil really? Good enough to win a prize competing against those who were considered the best olive oils in the world? Let´s give a try we thought.


Today, we have received an email to communicate us that we have win 1 star!!!! Even though there are 2 and 3 stars, it is not easy to get this award, as well, we received what the judge thought about our olive oil.

These are the sticker that our tin cans are going to have since now.



We cannot be prouder of this project which starts a year ago and see how our idea of giving a good Spanish olive oil to new markets is growing and growing.

This is a big surprise which makes us keep going in our way.


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