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Sending our second pallet. Recap of what we have learned so far

Sending our second pallet. Recap of what we have learned so far

Hello everyone,

It has been a little more than two months since we received our stock in the UK and we started selling online.

We went through so many new experiences like:

  • Our first sale
  • Our first review
  • Our first not that negative review
  • Ending our first shipment


At the beginning of this project, we were really nervous especially to see if people would like our olive oil. As I mentioned a few blogs before, it is our preferred one, the one we use at home every day. However, it is an olive oil which I describe as robust in the meaning that it is not tasteless, as the one some people are used to have and we were scared of receiving comments like, it is too peppery or it is spoiled. But it was our bet, to introduce the olive oil we believe into a new market, into the UK.


Fortunately, after a few reviews, we realised that we did a good job following our beliefs and we are so proud of it, Here I am sharing some of the reviews I really like.


“Me and my wife we cook a lot, we have an online cooking show and we are constantly growing. I was sick and tired to run out of things especially that we are focused on healthy recipes. I have decided to buy a large quantity of olive oil so I came across this olive oil, 3 litres, my previous is still Spanish and the quality was good, so this one. Check the ebook, tried already 2 recipes and we were happy with the results. I've read about the description because in this food industry the best way is to taste before buying 3l of something. For my taste, greek oil is a bit too bitter and this is my 3rd Spanish oil so i a really happy with it. What you see in the pictures is my lunch, this is what i usually eat. Used already around 700ml of this product and yes, I'm happy. Once you get used with something you feel comfortable and you buy again. Because we use it almost every day I have an empty bottle, 500 ml and I fill that up not to use the main container every time. Don't cook the olive oil, use it fresh as dressing!!! Hope this helps!!”



“This has to be the strongest flavoured olive oil i have ever tasted. I would consider it to be a pure form of olive oil with a natural peppery kick that really packs a punch in terms of power and flavour. It has a delicious bitterness to it, which counteracts the sweetness of any balsamic dressing nicely. With quite strong peppery notes, This would be ideal to add personality to any salad, Giving it a bit of extra oomph.

It comes in a 3-litre container with a large black screw top lid for heavy pours, And a small red pop out lid to pour directly, This, however, is tricky to master, As the oil tends to have a mind of its own as you pour it. I experienced a few spills before it ended up in my salad bowl. This was fixed by emptying some of the oil to another canister to balance out the weight.

I must say, That i feel like i have never tasted real extra virgin olive oil until this point, Who would have guessed it has such developed complex flavours? I would definitely recommend trying this with some cold deli cuts, Salads, Or even staring it on its own with some rustic bread. Delicious!”


As well, apart from the good reviews, we received a couple of negatives like this one.


“I Expected so much from this oil but I’m VERY disappointed the oil is yellow not green and completely bitter with no fruity or peppery taste and no aroma. It smells and tastes like rancid oil just greasy with no taste whatsoever and a horrible bitter aftertaste like old oil !!!!
I’m absolutely appalled by this DON’T BUY😡😡😡”


Once I read these reviews. What it comes to me is to start giving reasons why they are all wrong. But after a while, you realise that you can not like everyone even though as much as you try, so it is fine.

Maybe you that are reading this article can try our olive oil and let us know what you think about it….? Haha


It is time to send our second shipment Bye!!





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