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Sending our first pallet to the UK

Sending our first pallet to the UK

Hello guys!

We are happy to announce our first shipment and we want to share some of the experience.

Did you know that when you ask for a pallet budget the price is the same independently the weight if this is between 500-1000 kilos? Doing maths you should try to get the closest to that weight to make the shipment cheaper per can. that is what we tried and we tried it hard.

HOWEVER, For our fulfilment centre, the maximum weight was 500 kilos so We could send 1000 kilos for the same price than 500, but we had the restriction of the fulfilment centre, what could we do?

At this point, it is when we learnt the magic of the Double pallet!! When you ship the restriction in terms of height is up to 1.9m, this means that is possible to pack two pallets one above the other and this is a compromise solution. For our transport, we are sending 1 pallet but for our fulfilment were two of 500 kilos.

Each can weights 3.1kg that means that is possible to send 322 of them. However, we had to count the weight of the 2 pallets and we couldn´t imagine how many kilos a pallet weight.... up to 25 kilos.

Our new marked weight was 950 kilos. that means 306.222 units

Can you wonder how many we sent? 306...

Here are some pics

We hope you enjoy reading our "adventures" and we will share some of the milestones when they come, We hope them to be soon...

PD: if you are about sending a pallet, always revise that the measures of your pallet are the standard and don't suppose that they are.

Best Regards!


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