aceite de oliva virgen extra cornicabra

Introducing our second product 5L Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a Bag in Box

Introducing our second product 5L Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a Bag in Box

Hello friends,

A few months ago, we decided to go to an olive oil fair in Jaen, looking for ideas for new products. Jaen is the province with the most olive oil production in the world, and every year, they organise a fair where you can see new trends in the olive oil world.

Walking around we saw something that looked interesting for us, a box with a tap (bag in box), we already knew about this system since we have seen wine sold in this way.


But we hadn´t thought about using it for olive oil. We decided to ask for some samples. We filled with our olive oil and bringing them to our homes to try.

After a few days, we spoke again and we conclude that was just fantastic.

What do we need 5L bottle at home?

  • Filling smaller bottles for serving
  • Using straight away into the pan or if you are quite thorough using in a salad straight away

For either those three options are better to have a tap than a tin can or a big 5L bottle.

At that point was when we decided to go for this system. For us it works amazing, however, nobody was selling anything similar online. That made us think that maybe, there was a reason why…

There were two ways to introduce our new product. Ordering straight away 3000 customised units or ordering 300 black units and add our sticker on it. We decided to not go all-in this time and to go into this second option.

We designed our sticker; it was more complicated than what we thought… It had to be transparent, it had to fill the box completely and we had to maintain our brand identity.

Like always in this process what I thought it would last a few weeks, ended up in a few months. But finally, our product is here, ready to be launch!



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