aceite de oliva virgen extra cornicabra

How is to create a label for an extra virgin olive oil new company

How is to create a label for an extra virgin olive oil new company

Spain is the main olive oil producer in the world. This means that there are a lot of companies related to the olive oil, but not all of them produce it. For example, there are container companies, olive oil machinery companies or label ones.

There are a few companies which design labels just specialised in olive oil. When we were still thinking about creating a 500ml glass bottle we met some of them, they showed us their designs, the different styles, material, colours and some cool stuff like a special gold layer or an elegant silver finished.

The problem comes when you change your mind and start talking about tin cans... At that point, they tell you that they have done a few, but they don´t have any sample to show you.

After a few times ordering designs, we realise that the best way to know if we will like the ended design is checking first what they have done for previous companies

At that point, we couldn´t find any traditional company which can produce it, so we started looking online.

There is a website called Fiverr, it is a freelance website where people who are really good at designing, writing or painting can be hired and you can see their previous works. We decided to order here.

We received these, that even though we felt like was not that bad, we had the feeling of not being totally ended.

At that time, we had spent more than a month looking for a right designer with those statements.

1) Look the previous jobs that the designer did

2) Look for empathy from the designer

We finally end up hiring a young designer who listens to us and could deliver what we were expecting. We decided to bet for her and we did not regret.

In a label design process, there is always previous steps before achieving the final design, but the most important one, at least for me, it is when you receive the first samples. It means that the designer understood what you were demanding or not, this was our first one.

The concept was great!! but we had a general comment

"The bull ate the expired olives that appeared on the can and got sick and that was the reason why was blue"

We laughed and She adjusted the design with our feedback. After a while, we received the three concepts to choose the final one. Those were...

If you are here, you already know which one we chose.

It is fun to realise that a step which we thought will last a few weeks ended up being a couple of months.

I hope you enjoy our thoughts again, please don´t use the comments to say that you like a different tin can ??. And If you need a tin can designer let me know ??

Best regards!



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